Goodnight all,

And l’m celebrating all the children, yesterday it was the Day of Children in Türkiye, 23rd April,

(While typing l just listened the song Alegria – Cirque Du Soleil, if you want a suggest while reading)

Now it’s really late and here the big of the population of human being is sleeping, l made a coffee and started typing. Since l’m holding over the post for some time, decided not to do more. l’m writing you withing the flower smell. It’s time for spring, which is my season, because l’m a spring-born girl – not sure if l wrote true – and it includes all rain and sun together with the flowers as well. Did you know it’s also time for famous tulips in İstanbul?

l just can’t get rid of myself thinking of how fresh the air and the smell of flowers. Especially l love the colour white, and white flowers as purity and somehow the smell of white flowers as well!

And whatever…let’s start typing about Antalya, which l was about to tell you this time, the city in Mediterranean and of my childhood dreams. ( :)) ) There’s a Turkish expression meaning that, may be l love there so much because it’s in my blood, in my lineage. Haha! l don’t know if there’s an effect, but something l know that l’m really impressed with the city always.

As l had said before, my grandma has lived in the area named -inner castle- Kaleiçi, u can see on wikipedia with this link. And the photo l found there.


The city is usually hot, not in winter time but, the time we went there l was surprised with sitting in the balcony in those months. And the shots l took with my camera.


That famous Olympos Mountain…was somewhere towards in the view or near.




Since it’s not easy to tell how amazing the view is in Antalya, l beleive it was a better way to show the photos. Describing as a painting would exactly be the right word fitting in the situation. Also the form of the cliffs, by the sea, has been amazing, esthetic and something you just like to see all the way long around Antalya while going some close cities.



Oh well…thunders and lightnings started. l’m scared a bit now :)) by the time with the rain clinking on the roofs, clatter of the small,one-masted boat and the singing confused birds with the time, saying good night to you all. Hope to see you in next post!



 In my last days before taking off to Antalya, l took some photos at the ferry in İzmir. Since l have memories of adolescence, it feels much different in this ferry. The distance between the two sides of the town takes a bit more than İstanbul. 

 The Karşıyaka – Bostanlı Seaside


l’ve always gotafraid of the very big ships…It scares me when closer…


 So now zipping up the suitcases and ready for departure tomorrow. See you next!

Night Talk, Hometowns


Milk and chocolate anybody?

It’s so late at night right now and wanted to share with people a glass of hot milk moment before sleep, sure if you like.

lf you’re just tired physically or emotionally, milk is just good. Sure depends on people and time what you prefer to drink hahah. Since these days l’mmin a small holiday, l’m resting and trying to enjoy the moments of hometown.

Next week if no other thing occures, may be l’m gonna go to my mother’s hometown even. lt’s been years l didn’t have been and l’m glad to be with uncles.

My mother’s hometown is Antalya. Probably l’m gonna visit both Antalya and Dalaman.

My grandma has been lucky, and also hard times in youth but, isn’t it great and weird they have lived in the streets, inside the borders of the Antalya castle?!

lt was one or two years ago, after long long time, she was always curious with her childhood house, how it is now since she left. Many years ago they’ve sold and now sadly it belongs somebody other and now it is valuable as a private area, that you cannot even change any little thing on the houses because it is known as historycal now naturally for sure.

So when they’d gone, they found the house where she has been grown up and seen that even the mandarin tree still does exist since she has left, which, citrus, is famous in Mediterrenean Region. Image

The upper photo is from Wikimedia, and you can get info about the place Kaleici, here.


So, see you im next post within  maybe Antalya.

Ever Since l Know Myself, was Drawing…


The guests would come…l was a child. And a true-blue child…in drawing. l would draw the people secretly in a silent corner of the living-room. At the end when they would be about to go home walking towards the door, l would appear with my papers in my hand. Ta-taaaa! The drawings with the all details of the people. With the distinctive bones, funny characteristics… Usually people would be surprise on the details and laugh. But think about that, the details you wouldn’t like to see?! Like a bone on your knee seems like dislocated…distinctive. Surely fun!



And l continued to draw…


l drawed everywhere and everything… even l was cheating in class exams at junior high school times with drawing sometimes! l would draw my friends…my family…my pets…my emotions…my darlings…my dreams…my fanstastic worlds ever since l know my self.

l grew up.


And got my job with drawing. l still draw my fantastic worlds…even more than before.

And yes still  family…friends…darlings…( rare but..even the darling of dreams?)…and things and things…


İzmir and My Mother’s Cookies


 While l’m watching this lighty silhouette of İzmir ( you can may be heard as Smirne/Smyrna the ancient names), l’m already in my mother’s kitchen, my favourite times under the gloomy lampshade light, this city view has always made me peaceful and made me feel like watching a necklace draped onto the mountains. Since l live in İstanbul, l could never seen a light silhouette like this. İzmir is usually silent at nights and like this, dark black and popping up the street lights inside. Pure…

 Doubtless, all cities have their own views. Resim


After the one hour flight trip, it was late night, and the other day l found myself in my room, after scrambling up the depot to find the photo albums, glancing at the old photos.


And l wrote at my very first night here saying ‘When smelling the air here, sometimes and may be a person can think of being a teacher in a village out of the city (we actually live outside)…just pure souls here…and the freshest veggies…the stars l can see from the balcony…and actually where l remember stepping out to a balcony…easily seing the moonset…the dogs of the street jumping up and welcoming…the oxygen with that smoky smell but still so great and pure…and making me remember drinking a hot glass of milk…missing my family and this city.’

 But well…still the milk is not alone…surely the mother’s cookies…and my mama calling me not to sleep late again and not eating cookies late at night.


And there’s much to write since l don’t blog for a long time…and think. So yet…l didn’t go to Kordon which is the famous road near the sea in the center. The photo l had been taken last time l had come.


And my parents’ healthy jars in the kitchen, and the best dry figs are famous in İzmir. 


So l say ‘goodnight’ for now till l write and share more photos here. Hope to catch you in next post! 

Flap Your Wings

 Should l say, l’ve got used to myself? Did l start to think the things the people say, even l know they aren’t true. l’m thoughtful. l’m thoughtful with everything and don’t know which one to say… DSC_0254

 l don’t want to say as the words exist…l just want to say how l feel…today, years later l started to sit in my garden in İstanbul again. This summer l’m planning to be here, yes. l want to continue on my work, this is my aim. This garden is sweet, but is everything too? This garden is the door gets open to my world, like the one in Alice’s dreams.DSC_0213
 And a thing in my mind again, few years ago there was a person, who was like a real word that exists. One of the words l don’t wanna use. He could never sit with me in this garden. l thought him in the songs of my childhood, years later now l remember when l was first talking to him, just feel like it was a time space that has been lost in history. l remember those songs, and l look for it moving my hands on the sand. People miss those times sometimes…but more l won’t wanna remember…Won’t wanna remember how they could be all lies? Hugging me and turning me around…with myself and with my soul. And now taking me through out a black hole, with my memories. Are they just the memories l didn’t forget…are they just it?
l left myself to the time. l beleive and l want my dreams. My angel, just flap your wings above my head silently just me to hear you. Light my dreams.

DIY: my handmade board and passing to Asian Part by ferry

Hello there! l made a handmade board. l was thinking of a board with quilted affect and had some sweet pop art cloth. l found an idea to make my own and this showed up! :)


If you wanna try, hope you enjoy it. l made two next to eachother as you see in last picture.

And today l have another picture for you, yesterday l was so bored at home and while passing to Asian Part with ferry, l took these photos as l love drinking coffee at. There is an advertisement these days playing on tv which l love, about a new housing development, describing İstanbul as the city that you pass between two continents while you drinking your tea still hot! l love that opinion and remembered that when drinking my coffee.


Tom Hanks Films and My Mother’s Healthy Delicious Receipes Go Good Together

l really would like to have a mediterrenean pro chef husband :)) l do love to eat! What to say, l’m honest! :)

Today l went on the easy receipes. The funny thing, even l’m a veggie fan, l feel like zucchinis are usually smthing no taste. :) Buuut an appetizer which l also used in new year’s eve is, one of my favourites from my mother, you must really really try so easy, just 2 zucchinis, yogurt and wallnuts!

Zucchini Appetizer

This expose the great taste of zucchini. And by the picture from l realised this sweet blog. :)

So this part for the ones who want the receipe is; 

– You grater the zunis, roast the flakes on the pan with some little oil and add some salt. When it is ok, mix with yogurt (l know other countries use a more sweet yogurt but) then add the plenty little pieces of wallnuts  and mix. l just ate a big plate of it l can’t beleive to myself. :) With only grain bread…yes l do love. –

grain bread – such a love

Kahve Dünyası – Strawberry Hot Chocolate

 In the later evening, need to have some snack with the films! l’ve two choices for you, one is l heard Kahve Dünyası (Coffee World l had told you there is in UK too) have made the real melted hot chocolate with strawberry and other tastes this year. But it’s more a choice if you are outside. If you’re one you don’t buy snacks for house not to eat (!) like me, you can cook a more  healthier and easy chocolate puding. No, not those ready packages.

Just 3 big (soup) spoons of flour

Again 3 spoons of cacao

Nearly a glass of sugar

And smth like 1 litre of milk.

l use my sense of proportion usually so, you must better to arrange with the consistency. You put all and simmer with low heat by mixing with a wooden spoon.(Not it to make flour bits :) ) Put some ladyfingers on the bowl. 3-4 porsions depending on the bowl dimensions.

l use grounded mastic gum instead of cocoa in summer in Ayvalık usually.

Image by IMDB

And tonight l went with the 2011 maden film by Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. “Larry Crowne” made me remember “Forrest Gump.” The way he tells his name. “Crowne. with -e” :) As always he’d been my hero and he saved my life one more time haha! l hope to find a – — Hanks – too one day! :))

Snow alert and the 3 legged cat needs home! (Ameliyatlı kediye acil yuva)


Hi at 00.28 am on wednesday by İstanbul time. It is snowing for 2 days here and since l’m from Egean, l’m not used to see much snow. The fact is, the main subject is not snow today but l wanted to share the snow photos at the same time.

DSC_1026 A few days ago my friend shared a cat needs a home announcement, it’s real important and urgent, since l don’t know the gender of the cat, l’ve to call ‘it’ l’m sorry, and l’m real

cat2 sorry since saw the photos of it. The snow is bad these days and this cat just HAD AN OPERATION and was in intensive care for 1 week. and has missing one arm right now. l wanted to share this announcement to make around people to hear if there is somebody living in Türkiye to hear andmaybe open their home for it. For a 3 legged cat it is hard to live outside and with snow and just had the operation and it feels not good for it now. So please share it. May be we can find a house around.  And contact with comment or e-mailing so l can contact with my friend you to get more information. Thank

Bu kedi arkadaşım tarafından bulundu. Bir ayağı kangren nedeniyle kesilmek zorunda kaldı ve şu an 3 ayağıyla sokakta yaşaması zor. İki gündür de yoğun kar altındayız ve bu kedi bir haftadır yoğun bakımdaydı, klinikten çıkarıldı ve çok acil bir yuvaya ihtiyacı var. Klinik de daha fazla bakmamış, barınak da kabul etmemiş. Lütfen paylaşalım ve ilgilenenler yorum ya da e-maille bana ulaşsın ve ben de arkadaşın bilgilerini verip yönlendireyim. Gerekli bilgiyi o size verecektir. İlginiz için teşekkürler.

Coffee Quiz!

l can be counted as a coffee addict and when there is a coffe chat l love to join! Specifying few days ago l was searching for coffee and tea blogs. Even though l’m not a tea lover, l love reading those pleasure articles. So l jumped into this quiz to reply when l saw on @CrazyTrainToTinkyTown 

1) How many cups of coffee per day? 

1 or 2! Filter coffee at house, cappuccino or Turkish coffe outside. l like Turkish coffee chitchats with friends.

Now with white chocolate sprinkles :)

Photo on 2013-01-08 at 02.12


2) What is your favourite caffeine delivery system?

Well, Zamane Kahvesi (Timeserver Cafe) in İstanbul, Kahve Dünyası (Coffee World & Chocolate World) from Türkiye, which also is in UK. ( Also Starbucks and Cafe Nero sometimes ;)


(Suggest you the The Cake Cooked in the Coffee Pot ‘Cezvede Kek’) :)

3) What was your best cup of coffee? 

Probably not because of taste but because of who l drink with :) Also l love to drink coffee with my favourite cake near!!

4) What was your worst cup of coffee? 

l sometimes do have bad coffees out too, since l like to try different places and things!

5) What does your favourite mug say?

l had printed a mug with Kermit, “my job is smiling” l had made it written on. But my all mugs are special. Since l started buying when high school times for my future house, and some of specials are, Starbucks City Series İstanbul and İzmir, and as a memory of Dunkin Donut times in Türkiye. 

6) How do you take your coffee?

Soft, breakfast blend, milky and with sugar. And in Turkish coffee, middle level sugar :)

7) When was your first cup? 

l don’t remember for sure! :)

8) Have you ever gone on a coffee date? 

Yep, it’s a ‘classics’ :)

Would like you whoever wants to take the quiz, to hear too! :) Love from İstanbul!